Monday, July 11, 2011

some history

someone asked me something on a forum and i started digressing, so here is a short history of how i distributed/shared my stuff and gained some exposure for pretty much nothing but time

at first i was just giving away everything on my website(mp3) it got crawled and got me thousands of hits from mp3 sites like bee and a lot of russian agregators

then when i started making lots of videos i used mininova for a long time(since the dawn of the content distribution thing) and gave everything away for free, all the time

then i started using (a&r code 480a116f8e, it will give you 2 free uploads] and got my music on itunes and stuff(amazon, deezer, djtunes, juno, spottify, napster, etc), got me a bit of money and some exposure

being on amazon, i managed to make an artistcentral page for the band

last month i decided to sell physical cd's i first went to cafepress cd on demand and followed the path to the closest thing there was to the original cd maker and signed up with, was a 40$ investment (only the second time i had to pay for anything to distribute the stuff)

i also use heavily the social networks like twitter, facebook (fan pages and profile) google plus(ask me if you want an invite if necessary)

a page on last fm with free downloads is nice too and i still keep a myspace page active

i'm also very active on youtube, with over 1.5k subscribers and over 1 million total views

still i'm looking for help too for the sending of presskits/radio play/international booking

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