Saturday, July 23, 2011

see it on photosynth where you can pan and zoom

new toy (EHX V256)

and it's pedal board

it's a pretty convoluted chain but it works(only downside is the v256 synth has no mono and/or porta mode

the mics plugs in the v256
the main out of the v256 goes in the line selector return 1
the synth out of the v256 goes in the pedals then in the ls2 main in
the ls2 main out goes in the mixer
the loop 1 send goes into the talkbox amp
loop 2 is a loop back to have a volume control on the synth

that way i can: use the vocoder like normal OR
use the internal synth as a regular poly saw synth OR
send the synth in the talkbox, put the mix to dry on the v256 and also have a talkbox

talk about overusing a piece of gear lol

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