Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#M4MLive - Song a month 2013 - February - Muzik 4 Machines

Here's the "videoclip"

The making of:

video description:
i started by making the drums and bass on the electribe, then i recorded them in live
i programmed the distorted ER1 drums in live somewhere around that
i then started messing around in the piano roll to refine it a bit (damn my setup is not meant to compose, i need to get a 25 feet firewire cable to sit at the table while connected to the spaceship to edit)

i then copied the bass to the mks, adjusted the notes and found a nice sound, then again for the dx200 (chords) and finally for the talkbox
the talkbox is expanded into 3 other legato tracks with octaves and less notes variations so i can call them up in the middle of the 8 bar quantize to create dynamic variations

then i practice a bit, check what i can do with the sounds i have, then i stopped it all and recorded the mix we have here (7 minutes or so before the end of the making of, and then again in the "videoclip" and soundcloud

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013

909 train

new track, should i work on it for days and months and lose the in your face feeling or should i just release this as is tomorrow as a single?