Monday, December 23, 2013

Supported by derp mcderpin (NOT)

Supported by fred mcLovin (NOT)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alexandra Rodgerson - Friends (M4M Dance Mix)

Alexandra Rodgerson - Friends (M4M Dance Mix)

so, i've been prety quiet lately, but i can now reveal what i was working on, i'm producing an album for a great folk Duo headlined by Alexandra Rodgerson. It's a folk-rock project but i made a nice "dance" Remix of one of the track from the EP (coming to itunes december 10th)

Monday, October 28, 2013

#M4MLive - The Return of the Son of the MATRIXSYNTH Shirt - Muzik 4 Mach...

Haven't touched the Spaceship since Mid-July this year, pretty rusty at the start but the kit behave itself so all was good. Some pretty nice versions in there, i'm feeling a Pirate Album volume 5 coming your way next week.

Those machines are meant for dark clubs, i was playing blind in the afternoon sun, tho it's a nice change from the 500 night time videos i already uploaded :)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Muzik 4 Mother

Muzik 4 Mother

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scroto-Router Golds (and choose your own album)

Scroto-Router Golds (and choose your own album)

help me pick 13 of the 18, or maybe ill do 2 albums, one sonic youth like and the other with the standard tunings, i don't know, you help me decide

i tried to put the songs in reverse chronological order (the top and bottom ones i'm sure, the middle is pretty blurry and since it was all on a lost backup drive, all dates are the same)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Muzik 4 Machines - A tribute To Martin Masse

Une des pieces pour laquelle Martin m'a guidé juste avant son départ (genre la semaine avant, il est venu passer l'après midi chez moi a écouter des demos et me suggérer des avenues pour passer de taponnage a toune)

My friend Martin died of cancer in January, this is a song he helped me complete before his ultimate demise, so i made a video from his rooftop, showing what he saw on a daily basis before he left us

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The LivePA book that never was

this winter i answered a questionnaire for a book on LivePa that seems to be on hold till 2014, so i'm gonna post parts of the interview weekly on this blog so it was not all for nothing :)

part 1

Profile Questions

What’s your name and what Live PA acts are you involved in?

Muzik 4 Machines is my main alias and project since 1991
I've been in a one off band for a college band contest with 3 live PA guys, 2 singers, guitar, bass in 1999
I've been part of the Urbanauts 2.0 electronic show in 2000-2001.
I've been in a one off act we called TB&DJ.ool (me being TB and my violin playing friend being DJ.ool) but it was only for corporate gigs and science festivals.
I also was in a rock band (Cobaye Molotov) from 2002-2005 where I played guitars (mostly stomp boxes and fx) and computer (electro drums, synths, etc.)

How long has each act been around, what type of music do you play under that name?

I started to call myself Muzik 4 Machines around 1998, but I started composing in 1991 or so, but in the days it was a guitar, a TR 707 and a Tascam 4 track (I later got a DX21 (to make baselines and organs) that I still have to this day.)

The name came from the fact that as I was uploading music on (the original one) I was pretty sure no human would want to listen to it and that only machines could like it, hence Music for Machines (which had to change spelling when I stupidly forgot to renew my domain name and it got snagged by a talentless hack using my name to this day.)

In the mid 90's I got my first computer and it changed my life as a budget music maker, I could compose a whole backing track to my guitar playing; guitar which soon took a corner of my room to be played less and less, and the "backing" tracks being more and more self contained electronic tracks, but in these days, there was no real way to do a live gig with only a computer, you still needed thousands of  dollars of synths, sequencers, fx and mixers to perform it live, so it stayed mostly studio based until...

In 1999 I got a Roland MC505 and started performing at school gigs and contests, then I added a Roland EF303 fx/synth and got recruited by the Urbanauts 2.0 for their techno gigs, we played in bars and raves with the 505 and 303, a couple rack samplers, Nord, an1x, a 01/v mixer and sometimes even a live bass player.

I then started a rock band with a couple friends, but I carried my Live PA background, always having a laptop playing synths and additional electronic stuff while I played guitar through 2 pedal boards and a Kaoss pad, while still tweaking the computer output live.

When we disbanded around 2005, I looked at all that gear I had purchased over the years and that all ended up in my spare bedroom and decided to re ignite M4M, picking most of the gear I still use today from the pile and assembling it into the rig I have now (some of those pieces I had for 10 years already, bought in an era when nobody cared about synths in the 90's)

I then moved city to Quebec city and tried to gig as much as possible and that's also  when I started to broadcast performances and making tutorial videos.

Where are you geographically located? 

Quebec City, Canada

Where have you had the opportunity to play live?  Feel free to highlight your main gigs, all countries, and a link to your gig resume (if you have one).

Bars in the Drummondville area (some pics, no audio or video)

Bars and festivals in Montreal
Here's a performance with a violinist for the TB&DJ.ool project at a science festival where we played and were letting people touch the kaoss gear to improvise with us

And here's one with the Urbanauts

Bars and festivals in Quebec
Video: most of them unrecorded or even darker than this one

400th anniversary of Quebec city outdoor gig

Sometimes I go out with only a couple Kaoss pads an improvise it all

What are a few releases you can highlight for us that are live recordings (either audio or video)?

I played an 8 hour long set

Here's my 1st try at Tetris (which became quite popular even without Tetris in the name)
Video: it's also on the live album "Music for Machines by Machines" on iTunes ( )
I released a 8 live albums in the last 5 years, all on iTunes, amazon and every major online music store except beatport (that i only use for studio works)

What do you call yourself? Live PA Artist, Live Remixer, Controllerist, etc. 

When asked I say live electronic music performance, cause live PA won't ring a bell to the people asking anyway, then they say, ha you are a DJ, and I reply that no, I compose the music the DJ would play live on the stage, not playing someone else's tracks.

What do you call Live PA in your area of the world?  Any local colloquialisms / abbreviations used?

Live set, live act, live performance.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories - Mini Review

English version at the bottom

Daft Punk RAM mini review, premiere écoute avec des hautes frequences (j'ai écouté le stream une fois, mais ca sonnait le cul comparé au disque, jai préféré attendre ce soir)

give life back to music: la radio va aimer ça
gros bouts gras, j'adore

the game of love: mmmm, pedal steel
moins hummm le vocoder (on aurait pu avoir un humain pour celle la)

giorgio: chef d'oeuvre, rien d'autre a dire la dessus

within: quel beau passage de l'acoustique a l’électrique

instant crush: on dirait une toune de pearl jam post vitalogy,
tellement dommage d'avoir mis un vocal autotuned si laid sur une si belle track, des belles passes apres le milieu, masi ca aurait tellement pu etre un vocal clean au debut au lieu de sonner comme de la scrap

loose yourself: fat drums,
les harmonies vocales du chorus ont une harmony qui rappelle opus: life is life,
beau solo de vocoder,
sont très kraftwerk avec leurs harmonies de vocoder sur ce disque la(autobahn)

touch: ya du pink floyd et de tron dans c't'intro la
a penis arrive? lol,
mon dieu que c'est 60's le milieu avec les brass
une des meilleures sur le disque

get lucky: une discothèque avec un plancher en carreaux illuminés

beyond: l'intro on dirait la soundtrack d'un film de pirate en technicolor
toujours du très beau vocoder, mais ca deviens lassant toujours le même même son de carrier
c'est beau du pedal steel :)

motherboard: mmmm, un orchestre :)
milieu, on dirait quasiment le moulin a image de rené lussier
vraiment juste wow cte track la, aussi dans mes best
et les drums avec le percussionniste, trop fat comme groove

fragments of time: pure 1970's with some pretty nifty y2k slicing of the audio tracks
oh yeah! talkbox solo!

doing it right: yéé un 2eme son de vocoder
ha tiens un 808 (première track avec du beatbox)
le vocal naturel j'imagine 4 gars en suit blanc barber shop style lol(ou new kids on the block lol)

contact: tiens donc le crew  d'Apolo 11 qui voit l'ovni
beau son de moog, wendy carlos serait fiere
rock on! bitch!
quelle finale!

stray observations:
je comprends bien le titre, c'est vraiment plein de souvenirs et de références random

enfin un disque de daft punk qu'on peut faire jouer a un souper de famille lol

ces drummers la sont tight en dieu ( ca vaut pour pas mal toutes les tracks)

au moins 5 hits de radio, et 4-5 tounes pour les moins radio entre nous, vraiment, juste une toune qui est pas top selon moi (l'autotune tout croche la)

j'ai l'impression qu'on va voir une recrudescence de musique avec de la musique et des instruments ces prochains mois, ca peut pas etre mauvais

bon mastering, pas fatigant a ecouter, super bonne dynamique comparé a tout ce qui se fait ces temps ci

verdict final de cette premiere ecoute: 8/10 et ca va jouer dans mes rides de bus souvent, surtout les instrumentales


Daft Punk RAM mini review, first listening with high frequencies (i listened to the stream once, but it sounded shit compared to the real deal, I  preferred to wait until tonight)

give life back to music: the radio will love it
big fat drums, I love

the game of love: mmmm, pedal steel
hummm i would have avoided the vocoder (you could have a human for this one)

giorgio: masterpiece, nothing else to say on this one

within: what a beautiful transition from acoustic to electric

moment crush: it sounds like a pearl jam tune post vitalogy,
such a shame to have put an autotuned vocal  so ugly on a beautiful track, beautiful passes after the middle,  so would be able to clean a voice at the beginning instead of sounding like shit

Loose yourself: fat drums,
the vocal harmonies of the chorus are reminiscent of Opus: life is life,
beautiful solo vocoder
kraftwerk are with their vocoder harmonies on the disc (autobahn)

touch: is the pink floyd and tron ​​in the intro
a penis has happened? lol,
my god the middle section with the brass is so 60's (sounds like it's from meddle or atom earth mother)
one of the best on the disc

get lucky: a club with tile floor illuminated

beyond: the intro sounds like the soundtrack of a pirates movie in technicolor
always beautiful vocoder, but it become boring always the same  sound carrier
this is the beautiful pedal steel

motherboard: mmmm, an orchestra
wow really just track the coast, also in my best
and drums with percussionist,  fat groove

fragments of time: pure 1970's with some pretty nifty y2k slicing of the audio tracks
oh yeah! talkbox solo!

doing it right: Yee a 2nd vocoder sound
ha ha, an 808 (first track with beatbox)
natural voice I imagine four guys following white barber shop style lol (or new kids on the block lol)

Contacts: So like the crew of Apolo 11 sees UFO
beautiful sound moog, wendy carlos would be proud
rock on! bitch!
what a final!

stray observations:
I understand the title, it really is full of memories and random references

Finally, a daft punk album we can play at a family dinner lol

these  drummers are tight  (it's worth a lot to all tracks)

at least 5 radio hits, and 4-5 tunes for less radio loving peeps like me, really, just one song i find really bad(and it would be great if it wasn't for the shitty autotune job(i think it's melodyne, i heard some revealing artifacts)

I feel we will see a resurgence of music with music and instruments in the coming months, ca can not be bad

good mastering, not tiring to listen, super good dynamic compared to everything that is out those days

final verdict of the first listening: 8/10 and it's going to play in my bus commute often, especially the  instrumentals

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The MILFShakers - City of Sound

only midi is the drums, only edition was creative (ie: it is f**king sloppy)
e-bow was sliced with camelspace, but it could have been my sl20 live too

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#M4MLive - Song a month 2013 - February - Muzik 4 Machines

Here's the "videoclip"

The making of:

video description:
i started by making the drums and bass on the electribe, then i recorded them in live
i programmed the distorted ER1 drums in live somewhere around that
i then started messing around in the piano roll to refine it a bit (damn my setup is not meant to compose, i need to get a 25 feet firewire cable to sit at the table while connected to the spaceship to edit)

i then copied the bass to the mks, adjusted the notes and found a nice sound, then again for the dx200 (chords) and finally for the talkbox
the talkbox is expanded into 3 other legato tracks with octaves and less notes variations so i can call them up in the middle of the 8 bar quantize to create dynamic variations

then i practice a bit, check what i can do with the sounds i have, then i stopped it all and recorded the mix we have here (7 minutes or so before the end of the making of, and then again in the "videoclip" and soundcloud

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013

909 train

new track, should i work on it for days and months and lose the in your face feeling or should i just release this as is tomorrow as a single?

Sunday, January 13, 2013