Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music for Machines/Music for Mammals RELEASE CANDIDATE

voici les dernieres versions/here are the latest versions, ready to go mix in a real studio

a propos de music for mammals (voir autre blog post plus bas):
j'avais plein de bouts de tests de tounes avec addictive drums, masi ca fittait pas full lol, faq j'ai comme "concept" un "album" double, music for machines (les 10 ou 11 tounes elecronique)/music for mammals (les 6-8 tounes pas electro pantoute)

c'est bien beau en théorie, mais comme ca se vends juste en format numérique a la piece, le concept est pas mal dur a garder, j'imagine que ceux a qui je vais faire des copies physique auront la totale, les autres auront le choix lol

d'ailleurs, je cherche toujours quelqu'un qui me preterais son home studio un samedi ou un dimanche que jajuste mes niveaux, j'ai beau le tester sur mes 5 systemes de son(du speaker du ipod au systeme du salon) mon appart est une caverne et jai pu de vrais moniteurs

mais je digresse, voici un update, come je disait en haut, c'est fini de "faire" reste juste a les mixer parce que la chu sur que la bass arrache tout pis que les hi hats sont disparus :lol:

http://ge.tt/4JVdnv5?c les 10 tounes "electro" (sauf make me wet, a la pas changée celle la)
ou dans un beau ti player flash en playlist: http://tweetmysong.com/ghrlq1

ou chaque toune:
(j'ai pas encore déterminé l'ordre)

Live Elephant
are you a god?
Music For Machines
Penis in Line (needs a real title)
Simulated Vacuum
Suburban Electric Tornado
Transistor Casino
Sand Cat
Tenacious Sociopath (also needs a real title)
Nuclear Fadeout
On fait de l'Acide

faites vos commentaires ici ou sur tweetmy song ou sur facebook, comment ca sonne dans votre kit a vous?

(PAS le cover officiel)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EXCLUSIVE, get it while it lasts

The Pirate Album now on iTunes for a (very) Limited Time

ok, so this is mostly a covers/album remix, and i forgot to put the release date late summer as planned, the time to get all clearances, so it will probably get removed pretty fast, get it while it lasts, all live performances

Saturday, May 07, 2011

UPDATED VERSIONS, i still need your advice on those

these are new versions, using some hardware and/or more mixed and/or more FX added as needed, keep reading below for more info

A Live Rat

Are You a God

Make Me Wet Radio Edit


Simulated Vacuum

Suburban Electric Tornado

Transistor Casino

here are all the new files http://ge.tt/4Itxhhz?c all in one page on the ge.tt site, or if you keep reading they're just below

http://ge.tt/4kqEHmW (the whole album, see bottom of post for independant links) (mirror here if ge.tt blocks the files http://tweetmysong.com/o92b92 )

Here are the UNMIXED (some not even structured) tracks of the new double album, please give me all feedback regarding composition and arrangement, keeping in mind that the mixing is not final and most of the automation/drum fills are still to do

i'm gonna rent a studio/control room for a couple of day next month to finalize the mixing (and depending on my budget, the mastering) so i need any/every possible advice, info on how it sounds, kicks too long, too boomy, hats volume and all, keep in mind tho it's not mixed, just overally balanced with headphones and computer speakers (with a sub, but still very low quality)

Music For Machines

these are new versions, using some hardware and/or more mixed and/or more FX added as needed

A Live Rat

Are You a God

Make Me Wet Radio Edit


Simulated Vacuum

Suburban Electric Tornado

Transistor Casino

those 2 i didn't do yet

Make Me Dubby Wet

Make Me Wet Extended

(not really structured but i want advice on them too)



Monosyllabic Morphine Fantasy NO STRUCTURE

Music For Mammals

Organ Transplant

Richard de la Jungle

Mini-Maline Slow

No Children

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Edition is magic (Black Widow's Run "remixed")

2 summers ago i made a movie with @seb messinger : here (17 minutes)

today waiting for the election results i had my fun with imovie trailer featur, showing how the edition can radically change the story

first i treated it as a blockbuster with jurassic titles and zimmer-esque music: here (59 sec)

then i tried the action movie angle, with lame nu metal thinghy: here (50 sec)

then just for fun i made it a romantic comedy (you need to watch the movie to really enjoy the sarcasm on this one): here (56 sec)

and just for good measure, here is a making of/videoclip: here (4:46)