Monday, July 25, 2011

remix "contest" - Simulated Vacuum

the files are here
you can stream the song from here
or buy from iTunes
or even go as far as to buy a physical CD

someone asked me on youtube to have a go at remixing simulated vacuum, so i made those packs and thought, well, since they are online, why not share them with the community and see what sounds we can get from that :)

there is 3 packs, one is only the drum sound (cause i thought i had forgot to zip them with the logic session)

the MIDI plus sfx is a trimmed MIDI file ready to be imported in ableton live and the 2 stems are the "guitars" and the sfx/beep/solo (i won't even need the "guitar" in my live version, but it's there nonetheless

the Session pack is the Logic 9 session, audio files and all that is needed to open it for those among you using logic

Saturday, July 23, 2011

see it on photosynth where you can pan and zoom

new toy (EHX V256)

and it's pedal board

it's a pretty convoluted chain but it works(only downside is the v256 synth has no mono and/or porta mode

the mics plugs in the v256
the main out of the v256 goes in the line selector return 1
the synth out of the v256 goes in the pedals then in the ls2 main in
the ls2 main out goes in the mixer
the loop 1 send goes into the talkbox amp
loop 2 is a loop back to have a volume control on the synth

that way i can: use the vocoder like normal OR
use the internal synth as a regular poly saw synth OR
send the synth in the talkbox, put the mix to dry on the v256 and also have a talkbox

talk about overusing a piece of gear lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#M4MLive - July 11th 2011 - On Fire once more - Muzik 4 Machines

Monday, July 11, 2011

some history

someone asked me something on a forum and i started digressing, so here is a short history of how i distributed/shared my stuff and gained some exposure for pretty much nothing but time

at first i was just giving away everything on my website(mp3) it got crawled and got me thousands of hits from mp3 sites like bee and a lot of russian agregators

then when i started making lots of videos i used mininova for a long time(since the dawn of the content distribution thing) and gave everything away for free, all the time

then i started using (a&r code 480a116f8e, it will give you 2 free uploads] and got my music on itunes and stuff(amazon, deezer, djtunes, juno, spottify, napster, etc), got me a bit of money and some exposure

being on amazon, i managed to make an artistcentral page for the band

last month i decided to sell physical cd's i first went to cafepress cd on demand and followed the path to the closest thing there was to the original cd maker and signed up with, was a 40$ investment (only the second time i had to pay for anything to distribute the stuff)

i also use heavily the social networks like twitter, facebook (fan pages and profile) google plus(ask me if you want an invite if necessary)

a page on last fm with free downloads is nice too and i still keep a myspace page active

i'm also very active on youtube, with over 1.5k subscribers and over 1 million total views

still i'm looking for help too for the sending of presskits/radio play/international booking

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Muzik 4 Machines Old School, Plastic CD Store is now open

Muzik 4 Machines Old School, Plastic CD Store is now open
special introductory price of 4,44$ per single CD (about half of the download price, it's a real bargain)
I sell at cost because the goal is not to make money, it's to have those plastic discs travel round the world in cars and old boom boxes

Magasin officiellement ouvert avec 5 albums pour commencer, plus a venir a mesure que les fichiers seront en ligne, special d'ouverture a 4,44$ par cd dans un mailer (au cost, le but ├ętant de faire circuler du plastique plus que de faire de l'argent)