Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#m4mlive after #Irene - August 29th 2011 - Muzik 4 Machines

random youtube comment i found by googling some M4M typos this afternoon, i totaly didnt remember that

There once was a young man who bought his first electronic synth and soon after he started collecting all types of electronic machines. Playing in a small room till his fingers bled and his ears glowed red, after years in his techno abode he emerged with a smile on his face and hair like Dr. who. He now goes by the name MUZIK 4 MACHINES and his midi interfaces are wired to millions around the world; wanted by the FBI for his abusive tweaking causing uncontrolled dancing.


MATRIXSYNTH: M4M MATRIXSYNTH T Spotting: Video streaming by Ustream

Musik4Machines dons a MATRIXSYNTH T currently live on Ustream . Embed above (adjust the ...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ableton setup(my personal convoluted method)

i posted a question on a forum and started talking wayyy too much, so i decided to blog it

ok, first let me explain a bit about my session and setup

i used to have all sequencing in the tribe, but to play the new album live, i needed linear sequencing so i exported the midi from logic to live
i really want to have each drum part on its own track in live so my column setup is something like this
kick - snare - ghost - clap - perc - closed hat - open hat - rev crash - crash - and so on*
(since i also work that way in logic it was a pretty easy transition

* for geeks only, of you don't care about the setup you can skip this part and not lose any info for the issue discussed, i just feel like talking about it :lol:

the actual live session is more like this as at the moment(because i'm SO gonna save and get a presonus 24 mixer) uses my soundcard (MOTU Traveler) as a submixer into the MOTU midi mixer
the motu inputs are kick, snare, stereo drums, er1 stereo, kaossilator, and 2 mics (talkbox and vocal) (drums are sent to out 1-2 and the mics to out 3-4
the mixing is not done in the card as there is no easy way to map controllers(mackie only) to the dsp mixer(which would be better than using live as a mixer)
the outs are then fed in the midi mixer
IN 1 - MOtu 1-2
IN 2 - Motu 5-6
IN 3 - TX81z
IN 4 - MKS50
IN 5 - DX200
IN 6 - NOrd
IN 7 - MOTU 3-4
IN 8 - (is just a vca, so it gets used as a volume for aux in 2, kaoss pad 3)
aux IN 1 - Kaoss pad 2 return
aux IN 2 - In 8 output

as for outs 7-8-9-10of the MOTU they are plugged (but not used) in the aux sends of the midi mixer with y plugs so i can have send from just the snare in the kaoss (oh yeh, aux 1 sends to kp2, aux 2 to kp3)

soooooo :lol:
mixing of those parts is done in live, plus insert fx on the talkbox (pumper and grain shifter)
so my session column is as follow

(ill go per line as the formating will be messed up)
1 - kick - mono - out 1-2
2 - snare - mono - out 1-2
3- drums - stereo out 1-2
4 - er1 - stereo out 1-2
5 - k01 - stereo out 1-2
6 - talkbox - mono out 3-4
7 - mic - mono out 3-4
8 - spacer
9 - sidechain signal for the live compressors on all -pler and talkbox)
10-VocalPler - stereo out 5-6 (for playing a capellas audio)
11-zikpler Stereo out 5-6 (for playing instrument audio parts) (both of these are legacy, i used them for live remix
12-DrumPler stereo out 1-2
13-AlbumPler steeo out 5-6 (additional tracks i cannot play live) (those 2 are only there for the album part of the set)
14-spare track (muted and disabled, for rejected/unused/not needed files i might need one day)
15-MIDI loopback 1 (when using the tribe as a sequencer, routing instrument part 2(MKS) in the nord(actually the reverse for technical reasons)
16-MIDI loopback 3 (Part 2 to vocoder (stupid pedal is channel 16 only)
26-Closed 2
27-Open 2 (the 2 stretch part on the ESX)
28-Slice (pretty much unused as i havent figured out hot to advance steps on that track lol)

there is about 500 scenes in the session but at the moment only about 250 are used, but as i transfer all sequencing data from the tribe (256 patterns, many will take like 10 scenes to hold all variations
some scenes will be exact midi duplicates but have diff vocalpler or zikpler (most remixes i do have pretty much the same backing notes, but diff words and stuff)

sooo, that was a long post, hope some peole will enjoy this geek tech talk