Friday, December 24, 2010

So...This is X-Bass - #M4MLive december 24th 2010

merry X-Bass

Saturday, December 18, 2010

#M4MLive - December 17th 2010 - Muzik 4 Machines

iTunes store:
FULL lenght(5 hours) download if youtube truncates it again at 1:32:00:

gear used

Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums

Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass (chain:TX81z-Boss V-Wha-Akai MFC42-DBX266 ch2 (Compression/distortion)-Alesis Nanoverb-DBX266 ch1 (pump)--Mixer)

Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead/Pumpy Synth (Chain MKS50-DBX266-Boss SL20-Zoom RFX2200-Mixer)

Clavia Nord Micro Modular: Synth, bass, arpegios, pads, chords

Redsound SoundBite Pro: Vocals/looping

Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay

Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter

Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay))

Korg ER1: LEFT: Distorted Beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-ProCo Turbo Rat-V Wha-compressor-DD5)
RIGHT: Compressor Sidechain Signal

DX200: LEFT: Fm E-piano, pads, 303-esque sequences, etc (Chain: Left Out-Boss DD5 delay-Mixer)
RIGHT: Drums (chain: out-GEQ7-DD3)

Motu Midi Mixer 7s: My mixer, controlled by the BCF2000)

Motu Traveler: Drums Submixer

MOTU Midi Time Piece 2: Clock and MIDI routing

Apple MacBookPro 1st Gen Running Ableton Live 8 as a mixer and sampler

DBX MC 6: Output Compressor

Thursday, December 02, 2010

rbo - I want to pogne M4M Live Remix 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

#M4mLive to welcome the Fall - Muzik 4 Machines

nice little live set to welcome the fall, the rainy, cold and windy fall, with some hot grooves to keep you warm and fuzzy
iTunes store:


00:00 d15+La Puissance du Web
00:15 d10
00:30 b55
00:41 break
00:50 Le moulin a Images
1:04:00 Another Rhythm Machine
1:13:00 C29
1:19:00 C30
1:26:00 Break
1:39:00 C35
1:47:00 C40(or48)
1:53:00 Make Me Wet
2:07:00 Da Fung
2:24:00 Break
2:34:00 A25
2:45:00 A35
2:54:00 a40
3:00:00 Tetris
3:06:00 D35
3:16::00 D:40
3:20:00 Les Bons Legumes
3:27:00 C33
3:37:00 B40
3:41:00 Break
3:52:00 B41
3:59:00 B43
4:04:00 B47
4:08:00 B50
4:13:00 B56
4:15:00 Break
4:25:00 I Want to Pogne
4:34:00 Smells Like Teen Spirit
4:43:00 C57
4:56:00 D07
5:00:00 Break
5:03:00 D15
5:07:00 D19
5:14:00 D20
5:25:00 D25
5:31:00 D30
5:37:00 The Number of the Beast
5:41:00 D32
the end
M4M Store:

La Puissance du Web Live 1st try - Muzik 4 Machines

Monday, August 16, 2010

somewhat of a timeline

There was an interesting thread on the forums about our timeline in music, after i typed all that, i decided to share it with you

born in 1978

1984, when i was 5, i asked for a 24 input mixer for christmas because it had 4 big VU meters (instead of the toy catalog, i was eyeing the Radio shack catalog for mas)

1989-1990 got my first guitar, used my dad 1/4 inch reel to reel with sound on sound to multitrack my first song, experimenting with mic on my practice amp, direct recording, overdriving inputs

summer 1992
borrowed a tascam 244 and a tr707 from school for the vacation, didnt get to see a lot of sun that year, composed and recorded many pieces.
discovered the "classic" techno beat and how to program it and started experimenting with making "dance" music with it (recording basslines at double speed to get bass out of my guitar and other speed processing to create synths out of the guitar

1993 played my first stage show as a guitar player

1995 got my first home computer, started using it to play back beats so i could play guitar, soon the guitar gathered dust in a corner while i was making more and more electronic stuff with an 8 bit half duplex soundblaster with built in fm synth or stuff)
also decided i'd call my project music for machines as i didnt think anyone would be interested in that kind of crap, guitars with computer drums and bass, what a silly idea

1996 got my first synth, a yamaha dx21, recorded lots of stuff

1997 got my first software synth (IIRC it was vaz) a

got the MC505 the day it was released, moved to techno music only
went into sound engeinering school and sound design program, got my 2 diplomas,
got cubase (vst3.5 or something) and my 1st multi IO soundcard (dman 2044)

my first "studio" (anyway the first i have pics of)

Live set in 1998-99

still composed, produced for others, recorded others songs

1999 for a college band contest, we improvised a live pa band plus guitar bass and 3 vocalists, finished second
Cegep en spectacle 1999

summer 2000
after school was over i moved to the big city and met an old friend who needed a knob twiddler for live PA, so for a couple of years we reharsed and gigged as a 2, sometimes 3 person live PA act)

2002 went back to guitar playing with a band, recorded 2 albums myself, gigged with a computer as synth player and at the same time performing solo with just a laptop running reason and a few MIDI controllers and a small mixer
trashing on a guitar circa 2002-03

The "Studio" used to record the albums

My main (out of 2 and a half) pedal board at the time

2005 some hardware gig with the band stuff

Setup for a small corporate Gig with a violin player

The Studio in those days

2006 band broke up, ended up with piles and piles of gear in my appartement, started to pick all the good bits and started doing live pa with hardware again, started filming everything so i can remember what i did, and also went on a HUGE garage like sale everything not used and bought lot of gear
starting getting the HW out of storage

2007 moved to another city, started to oget freaky with racking and roadcasing everything, making it less of a PITA to dismantle the whole studio to go out on a gig, which was a HUGE loss of time (especially plugging back everything back home to be able to work again lol

corporate gig with the (mini) spaceship v 1.0

Outside gig for Quebec 400th birthday

2009 started making 2 hours plus live sets, tried to set a world record for longest 1 man live PA (my longest to date is 7 hours 40 minutes non stop) (abandonned that pretty quick when i was the rules and $ implied)

my rig as of last week

2011 european tour (lets hope)

2017 US tour (when i'm allowed to enter the country)

2049 total deafness

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rock et Belles Oreilles - I want to pogne M4M Live Remix 2010

c'est un premier essai, j'ai pas encore fait le drum nis les synth, juste trouvé les notes de bass, ca va botter des culs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Vendre/For Sale

Fender Jaguar Custom Special HH noire avec hardware chrome, modèle discontinué, assez rare, a joué quelques fois seulement, une mini scratch sur le dos, plastique encore sur le pickguard: 900$

Ampli Fender Pro Junior a lampe, speaker 10 pouces, quelques scratch d'usage normal, tres bon son : 300$

Preamp a micros 8 entrées M-Audio Octane, a passé sa vie dans un rack dans un studio, tres peu utilisé: 400$

ampli a transistor traynor 4 entrées: 150$

micro sans fil a main audio technica: 200$

loop sampler redsound soundbite pro: 300$

pedales, fils, micros, autres guitares et basse informez vous 
contact via email tba03 at hotmail dot com


I Want to Pogne (RBO) Remix BETA 1 (1st test) +bonus track

nouveau setup, nouveau sampler (routing and tech specs dans un prochain video)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

96 records on a wall

javais une caisse ou 2 de vieux disques, pas de table tournante, alors voici de l'art

Sunday, July 18, 2010

denis tremblay, le jongleur de guitare

denis tremblay, le jongleur de guitare
song: Moshuki - Muzik 4 Machines 1996-1997


Saturday, June 12, 2010

looking for serious remixers

for the song "make me wet" by audrelita
PM me for the full file pack of all the recording/processed vocals, midi from the ESX, etc
here's a really raw demo of the track to give you an idea

the pack is mostly 40 vocal takes, a bunch of melodyne'd loops of the said vocals, midi files from the esx i used to build the track, some drum sounds, logic sessions, etc

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Interview with a Machine (questions par @ctiguidoo)

L'article sur le Blog de Thierry
(googleglish version at the bottom)

(j'ai répondu a cet interview du blogger @ctiguidoo quelque part cet hiver, je vous fais part ici des réponses car après une relecture je trouve qu'il y a des points très intéressants) (italiques démontrent des éditions/ajouts/précisions faites aux réponses, comme ici)

Croyais tu que tes fans feraient autant pour te voir mixer en live sur le web et twitter?

Si tu m'avais dit ça il y a 3 ans quand j'ai rechaussé les patins du live, que des gens seraient intéressés a me regarder composer sur mes machines, je ne t'aurais pas cru, et qu'ils soit prêt a m'encourager(moralement autant que financièrement/de leur temps), discuter de et avec moi, etc, je ne t'aurais sans doute pas cru

Qu'est ce que ça fait d'être derrière les platines et de voir tout le monde s'éclater?

Moi je m'éclate, des fois je manque un peu des discussions, mais je me reprends après le set pour tout lire, et sur scène, je trippe autant que les gens peuvent tripper (jai pas de platines, juste des machines qui génrent en temps réel la musique, c'est aussi pourquoi je ne joue aucun "hit" du moment)

Est ce que Muzik 4 Machines jouera un nouveau set chaque semaine?

Si par nouveau tu veux dire jouer chaque semaine, c'est certain, même plusieurs fois habituellement
si par nouveau tu veux dire de nouvelles pieces, oui et non, certaines pièces s'ajoutent et disparaisse chaque jour, mais certain patterns reviennent a chaque fois, mais jamais 2 interprétations ne sont semblables, d'où la difficulté a enregistrer un vrai album studio

Que conseillerais tu à un débutant pour commencer dans la musique Techno?

pour la composition :
Commencer par ACHETER* un petit logiciel comme fl studio de base ou reaper, voir si tu aimes ca
après un logiciel comme reason et/ou record qui est un tout inclus très performant, si la passion reste, on peut passer au matériel (voir 2 question plus bas)

pour jammer/looper
Le Kaossilator (et la version PRO qui s'en viens (edit, qui est sortie et qui est un très bon upgrade, même si elle souffre des mêmes problèmes de syncro que le kaoss pad 3) et que je vous démontrerai en détails des qu'il arrivera au canada)
couplé au Kaoss Pad 3 pour les effets et les boucles (pour les boucles, un portable roulant ableton live est encore mieux, mais comme jai choisi de ne pas utiliser d'ordinateurs, je n'ai pas utilisé cette avenue depuis 2007)

*acheter est très important, downloader des cracks c'est facile, mais ça nuit a l'industrie et en plus, quand tu paye pour un programme, ta plus tendance a le maîtriser et a vouloir en tirer le meilleur, tandis que quand tout est gratuit, on ne se force pas pour approfondir

Comment fais tu pour créer des tracks aussi délirant

merci, je ne sais quoi répondre a ça, je fais ce que j'aimerais entendre dans les clubs ou dans mon ipod 90% du temps, d'autres fois j'essaie d'émuler un courant actuel (habituellement c'est un fail et ca sonne comme du M4M pareil lol)

Quel matériel recommanderais tu pour créer des bon sets techno?

j'ai un parti pris pour les séquenceurs Roland (mc 303(tres basic) 505(almost perfect) 909(the perfection) and the 808 (only "groovebox" still in production from Roland)
le EMU command station, le Yamaha RM1x/su700 (tous discontinués) sont aussi de tres bonnes bases a un setup de performance

chez Korg les electribes (toujours en production(maintenant updaté pour cartes SD) EMX et ESX sont toujours très intéressant, et les plus facile a utiliser/maîtriser
le eSx est un échantillonneur avec 2 pistes de séquence mélodique tandis que le eMx est un synthétiseur avec des échantillons de drums statiques, mais possède 5 pistes de séquence mélodique

Ces boites ont des sons un peu datés mais envoient toutes du MIDI, elles peuvent donc contrôler d'autres équipements plus modernes( access virus, korg radias, nord lead, micro korg, etc) ou vintage (racks ou claviers)

du coté des effets
la série kaoss pad de korg est toujours bien appréciée des producteurs et DJ, vos vieilles pédales de guitares peuvent avoir une utilité aussi, expérimentez

la pièce maîtresse, a part le séquenceur, c'est votre console, prévoyez 2-4 entrées de plus que tout ce que vous avez, au cas ou un bassiste ou une chanteuse se pointerait
le plus d'envoi d'auxiliaire, le plus d'effets vous pourrez utiliser, il en va de même pour les bus, qui permettent de grouper des instruments ensemble(les drums, les synths, les voix) pour contrôler leur volume en groupe

l'égalisateur est aussi important, un simple bass/treble est bien, mais si si une ou 2 bandes de mids paramétriques peuvent faire toute la différence pour bien placer vos sons dans le mix

si vous prévoyez faire des spectacles, prévoyez de bon cases et ayez tout votre gear branché dedans pour n'avoir que les sorties des différents cases a connecter a la console, une table de cafétéria avec des machines dessus, des fils tout croche et des power bar sur la table, ca a l'ai broche a foin a mon avis, et des roadcases ça protège ton équipement lors du transport

bon la question c'était hardware, mais un laptop, ableton live et une couple de APC 20 ou 40, ou un lemur (ou un iPad avec une app de contrôle qui est toujours a venir) et vous êtes en business, mais, a mon avis, la musique peut etre identique a ce que du hardware produit, mais la performance en est diminué sur l'aspect visuel(selon moi), et perso, j'aime me lancer sans filet comme si je jouait d'un vrai instrument (je viens de bands en tant que guitariste, quand tu te trompe ça parait, quand tu pète une corde, ça parait, ya pas de filet)

(long topic de gear, mais ce qu'il faut le plus, comme pour être un bon DJ, c'est de savoir lire la foule et d'adapter son matériel aux circonstances, l'heure, etc)

Est ce que tu prépares ta liste de track avant de commencer à mixer ou bien tu y vas au feeling?

au début je me prenait des notes et je me préparais (ce que je fais pour les shows sur scène)
après quelques temps, je ne me fiait qu'a mes notes générales (ma liste de la mémoire de la machine)
depuis une semaine, c au pif sur le moment, je peux rester 30 minutes sur les jungle, je vais aller voir si j'ai ce qui convient, sinon je modifie le pattern en cours pour le rendre selon la demande.

(maintenant je refere tres peu a mes notes papier a moins d'une demande spéciale, j'y vais au feeling, de mémoire et meme des fois "a la luck")

Qu'utilises tu comme casque pour la plupart de tes sets?

ceux que je porte devant vous sont des sony MDR 7509, j'affectionne et utilise aussi des senneihser HD280 pro, meilleure isolation, pour jouer live, pour des stages plus bruyants, j'ai un casque de drummer vic firth qui isole encore plus que les 280

si tu as des additions ou des précisions n'hésite pas a me contacter, j'adore parler de ma musique
comme disait Zappa ou Lennon
de mémoire

"music is like sex, nobody wants to talk about it, they want to do it...but i do like to talk about it"

cite moi pas la dessus je retrouve pas la quote originale

Merci d'avoir répondu aussi rapidement, pour finir l'interview une dernière question ...Quels sont tes projets à venir ?

faire le plus de spectacles possible, que ça soit en ligne ou sur scène
j'aimerais beaucoup aller jouer en Europe, j'ai plusieurs demandes mais avec tout ce matos, c'est un peu compliqué coté logistique (transport, adapteurs de voltage, etc) mais jy songe de plus en plus, au moins Allemagne, hollande et France et peut être plus

j'aimerais bien refaire de disques, pas juste des compilations de sets live, du vrai travail studio, ça commence a me manquer, et ça me ferait un side product a promouvoir/vendre/garder en souvenir d'un spectacle/etc

Merci d'avoir répondu à mes questions , as tu quelque chose à ajouter pour le mot de la fin ?

merci a tous pour votre intérêt dans ce que je fais,
je suis incapable de classifier ce que je fais, j'ai jamais entendu aucun artiste qui sonne comme moi
j'adore le public qui s'implique dans les créations, qui me guide dans les compositions

merci beaucoup

Google translated without any corrections, most of you will get the general idea and i have no time to hard translate it and write it all back again

(I responded to this interview with blogger @ ctiguidoo somewhere this winter, I am telling you the answers here because after rereading I think there are some very interesting points) (italics indicate editions / additions / clarifications made to responses, as here)

You thought that your fans would do the same to see you mix live on the web and twitter?

If you had told me that 3 years ago when I put back my skates of live, that people would be interested to look me call on my machine, I would not have believed, and they are ready to m encourage (morally and financially all / of their time), and discuss with me, etc. I only would have probably not thought

What does it feel to be behind the decks and seeing everyone have fun?

I'm having, I sometimes lack a bit of discussion, but I correct myself after the set to read everything, and on stage, I am tripping as much as people may tripper (jai no turntables, just as machines that génrent real-time music, that's why I do not play any "hit" of the moment)

Will Muzik 4 Machines play a new set every week?

If you mean by new play each week, for sure, even several times usually
if you mean by new new pieces, yes and no, some parts are added and disappearing every day, but certain patterns back every time, but never two performances are alike, making it difficult to record a real album studio

What would you advise a beginner to start in the techno music scene?

for composition:
Start with a small software * BUY fl studio as basic or reaper, see if you like AC
after a program like Reason and / or record which is a very powerful all-inclusive, if the passion is, you can go to the hardware (see question 2 below)

to jam / looper
The Kaossilator (and the PRO version which would come (edit, which was released and is a very good upgrade, even if it suffers the same problems as the syncro KAOSS Pad 3) and I will show you the details of that it happens in canada)
coupled with the Kaoss Pad 3 effects and loops (for loops, a laptop running ableton live is even better, but I chose not to use computers, I have not used this avenue since 2007)

* Purchase is very important, cracks downloader is easy, but that night at the industry and more when you pay for a program, your more likely to master it and try to draw the best, whereas when all is free, we do not force to further

How do you do to create tracks so delusional

thank you, I do not know what to answer that, I do what I would like to hear in clubs or in my ipod 90% of the time, other times I try to emulate a current trend (usually it is a fail and it sounds like such M4M lol)
What equipment do you recommend to create good techno sets?

I have a bias for Roland sequencers (mc 303 (very basic) 505 (almost perfect) 909 (the perfection) and the 808 (only "groovebox" still in production from Roland)
the EMU command station, the Yamaha RM1x/su700 (all discontinued) are also very good foundation has a setup performance

Korg electribe the (still in production (maintenance update for SD cards) EMX and ESX are always very interesting, and easier to use / control
the ESX is a sampler with two tracks of melodic sequence while the emx is a synthesizer with sample drums static, but has 5 tracks melodic sequence

These boxes have sounds a bit dated, but send all the MIDI, so they can control other more modern equipment (access virus, Korg RADIAS, Lead north, micro korg, etc.) and vintage (or keyboard racks)

the side effects
Series Korg KAOSS pad is always appreciated by producers and DJs, your old guitar pedals can also be useful, experiment

the piece, apart from the sequencer, it's your console, expect 2-4 more listings than what you have, in case a bassist or a singer himself would point
as sending an auxiliary, the more effects you can use it, same goes for buses, which allow you to group instruments together (the drums, synths, voices) to control the volume group

EQ is as important, a simple bass / treble is good, but if so one or two bands of parametric mids can make all the difference to your well-placed sound in the mix

if you intend to shows, expect good boxes and have all your gear plugged in to have the outputs of the various boxes to connect to the console, a cafeteria table with machine above, son of crooked and power bar on the table, have a ca hay spit in my opinion, and it protects your equipment roadcases during transport

the question was good hardware, but a laptop, ableton live and a couple of APC 20 or 40, or a lemur (iPad or a control that app is still to come) and you're in business, but has I think music can be identical to that of the hardware product, but the performance is reduced on looks (to me), and Me, I like to run without a net as if I was playing a real instrument (I just bands as a guitarist, when you make a mistake it seems, when you fart a rope, it seems, there is no net)

(Feature topic of gear, but what is needed most, like to be a good DJ is to read the crowd and adapt its equipment to the circumstances, time, etc.)

Do you prepare your list of track before starting to mix or you go by feel?

at first I took notes and prepared myself for (what I do for the shows on stage)
after a while, I did my notes has relied General (my list of the machine memory)
last week, pif c at the moment, I can stay for 30 minutes on the jungle, I'll go see if I have what is necessary, if I change the current pattern to make it according to demand.

(Now I refers very little to my notes paper unless a special request, I'm going by feel, memory and even sometimes "has the luck")

What headphones for most of your sets?

I wear them in front of you are Sony MDR 7509, and I like also uses senneihser HD280 pro, better insulation, to play live, for stages noisiest helmet I vic firth drummer that insulates even more than 280

if you have any additions or clarifications do not hesitate to contact me, I love talking about my music
as Zappa said Lennon

"Music is like sex, nobody wants to talk about it, They want to do it ... but i do like to talk about it"

I quote the above not I find not the original quote

Thank you for responding so quickly to finish the interview one final question ... What are your future projects?

do more shows as possible, be it online or on stage
I would love to play in Europe, I have several applications but with all this gear is a bit complicated side logistics (transport, voltage adapters, etc.) but dream jy increasingly, at least Germany, Holland and France and may be more

I would like to record again, not just compilations of live sets, real studio work, this is starting to fail me, and it would give me a side product has promote / sell / keep as a souvenir of a show / etc.

Thank you for answering my questions, you have something to add for the final word?

thank you all for your interest in what I do,
I am unable to classify what I do, I never heard any artist who sounds like me
I love the public involved in their creation, which guides me in the compositions

thank you very much

A Drum&Bass Evening with #M4mLive - Muzik 4 Machines June 1st 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Machete Trailler

MOVIEmeter: ?
Down 16% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro.
Ethan Maniquis
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez (writer)
View company contact information for Machete on IMDbPro.
Release Date:
3 September 2010 (USA) See more »
Action | Adventure | Cr...ime | Thriller See more »
He was given an offer he couldn't refuse... See more »
After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss. Full summary » | Full synopsis »
Plot Keywords:
Machete | Priest | Senator | Cross | Spin Off
See more »


Danny Trejo ... Machete

Michelle Rodriguez ... Luz

Jessica Alba ... Sartana

Robert De Niro ... Senator McLaughlin

Lindsay Lohan ... April Benz

Cheech Marin ... Padre Benito del Toro
Jeff Fahey ... Michael Benz

Steven Seagal ... Torrez

Don Johnson ... Lt. Stillman

Cheryl Chin ... Torrez's Henchwoman

Electra Avellan ... Nurse Mona
Elise Avellan ... Sexy Nurse #2
other cast:

Rose McGowan ... Cherry Darling

Daryl Sabara ... Julio
Tom Savini ... Deputy Tolo

Shea Whigham ... Sniper

Tina Rodriguez ... Tristana

Carlos Gallardo ... Deputy Carlos

Jason Douglas ... Cop

JenelleRae Cardenas ... Mexican Protester
Donta Storey ... Jynx

Greg Ingram ... Cristos

Alicia Rachel Marek ... June

Ryan Christiansen ... Bungalow Man

Chad McMinn ... News Camera Man

Mitchell Lance Adams ... Cop
Jaime De La Rosa ... EMT Technician

Friday, April 09, 2010

#m4mlive for nobody part 1 - Muzik 4 Machines

ok so the broadcast machine died on me during this recording, around halfway in one cam froze, (hence the 2 parts) had to reboot, at the end of part 2 the HD failled, and now it won't boot up, trying to find a way to entertain you tonight

Thursday, March 04, 2010

find me a title - #M4MLive - Muzik 4 Machines brand new song

brand new song, composed on the fly in part 1 (available on UStream), first try

ça vire même au drum and bass vers la fin

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


follow her progress on twitter

this song should be al recorded, produced and ready for distribution in a couple weeks, stay tuned

Monday, February 08, 2010

Live Feb 7th 2010

Some questions i answered

on, that seemed pertinent
buckle up, longest post ever on this blog (that has an average word count per article of about 0,6)

How would your perfect synth be? (dooesn´t have to exist, no credit limit)

i'm not too picky with synths, more with sequencers but let's go with the synth first
i think clavia did it with the modulars but...

id wish they would do a v3, with dual touchscreens ports so the editor is built in and patches can be edited on the hardware itself, live, the other touchscreen being the lemur like control surface

but i wish something more, like the mc909 meets ableton live
talking here about something that could replace my whole rig for a tour but i'd still look as busy and everywhere as on the mothership, i figure such a device would be about wide as a 76 keys controler and about deep as a big PA or studio mixer

dedicated knobs + assignable knobs

touchscreens for the mixer and editors
(with built in odularizable synth and fx
step sequencer, loop recorder

actually make it live running on dedicated hardware with WAY more controls than the APC (i like the matrix, not nearly enough knobs and faders)

id go 24 faders wide (and 24 column matrix) with at least 4-5 assign knobs(either mixer functions or instruments1fx functions) per strip, plus 4-6 buttons for solo, mute/other

either a dedicated touchscreen with lemur like controls or dedicated, modular sets of physical knobs extention (maybe detachable knob/fader boxes using OSC or stuff so you can have dedicated everything for particular devices, and use the 5 assign knobs for other less tweak demanding synth/fx)

each button and fader with lcd displays of the functions

8 10 rows of matrix is probably enough at a time

also a 16 step sequencer with running lights to do quick alteration to drum patterns (with auto "zoom" to get 1/32nd or more precise), id go oled for the step sequencer, so the button displays the current step number (4, 4-1/32) and/or the sound its playing

touchscreen could be used to do kaoss like effects, multi touch control surface
pug in a display and usb key/mouse and use live on it as a DAW for pre prod of the live set/ studio work

anyway, im thinking too much, and unless i have millions for r&d, its a big pipe dream

yesterday Delete Your Response

why only hardware?

because i owned it
at first it was mostly because i only had 1 computer, and playing live with it (reason+live) it wasn't performant enough to record audio and video+playing the set

i already owned a good bunch of the hardware from various projects, i just tore down unused pedalboards, live racks and studio racks to harvest all suitable hardware

i was also finding myself never completing anything in my DAW, hundreds of 8 bar loops in reason, unmixed/barebone rock compositions and stuff, working with a SUPER limited sequencer allowed me to complete tracks for once

if you could sign to any record label which one would you choose? Warp?

warp for sure, i dunno lots about labels, i've been doing my own thing a lot lately and not searched to get signed, but feel free to refer me :)

4 weeks ago Delete Your Response .

indépendance musicale ou faire des disques?

comem c'est la indépendance musicale, et en 2010 faire des disques, on peut le faire independant et tout, masi la grosse compagnie c toujours tentant, mais des fois c castrant pas mal, moi perdre le droit de jammer sur youstream u de faire des liveset dune heure sur youtube ca me ferait chier un peu, jaime le instant feedback, pas 3 mois plus tard quand ils decident de sortir le disque/single

Have you tried live composition with other musicians? Something like FreeJazz4Machines?

id really like to try that, machinists or real musicians, would be fun, i just don't know anyone in quebc city that is into it, would you be?

BTW, stop being anonymous, im pretty sure you asked all those questions and id like to know you

Ever think about doing some remixes? which songs would you choose?

on the machines, and in the live set i already did some, tetris, smells like teen spirit, a child song called les legumes, music is the answer(cant remember the original artist OTOMH)

before that, in one of my DAW phases between 2 hardware phases, i did more, a few NIN, beck, mes aieux, iron butterfly, whole-lotta-love and a few more, cant remember (all available on my website)

for future remixes, i'd like to do a nice version of africa (toto), les sucettes (gainsbourg/france gall) and some classical music i'd really like to squeeze in 8 bar loops, and any suggestion is accepted

any chance you'll ever ditch all your machines for say.. ableton?

if i have to tour with no transport budget, yes, 1 apc20, 1 apc40, a kp3/kaossilator pro,a MBP and a good 8ins 8 outs soundcard (for the kaosses) but then, it wouldnt be really muzik 4 machines, i'd probably go as chrominance zero in that case or something else, but half of the show would be lost (the me jumping aroung reaching far away knobs and pedals) it's really a "think of it seriously" situation

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Live january 27th 2010


pas intel, pas de vrai osx, pas de audio in, meme pas de USB (encore moins de firewire ou de vraie sortie d'ecran)
c juste un ipod touch/iphone geant finalement, moi qui pensait en acheter 2 et remplacer 75% de mon kit avec ca avec ableton live, c'est raté

ben beau pour les gens qui veulent un ebook reader a 800$, inutile pour les pro

meme pas de flash, un peu pathétique

Monday, January 25, 2010