Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Monday, August 16, 2010

somewhat of a timeline

There was an interesting thread on the forums about our timeline in music, after i typed all that, i decided to share it with you

born in 1978

1984, when i was 5, i asked for a 24 input mixer for christmas because it had 4 big VU meters (instead of the toy catalog, i was eyeing the Radio shack catalog for mas)

1989-1990 got my first guitar, used my dad 1/4 inch reel to reel with sound on sound to multitrack my first song, experimenting with mic on my practice amp, direct recording, overdriving inputs

summer 1992
borrowed a tascam 244 and a tr707 from school for the vacation, didnt get to see a lot of sun that year, composed and recorded many pieces.
discovered the "classic" techno beat and how to program it and started experimenting with making "dance" music with it (recording basslines at double speed to get bass out of my guitar and other speed processing to create synths out of the guitar

1993 played my first stage show as a guitar player

1995 got my first home computer, started using it to play back beats so i could play guitar, soon the guitar gathered dust in a corner while i was making more and more electronic stuff with an 8 bit half duplex soundblaster with built in fm synth or stuff)
also decided i'd call my project music for machines as i didnt think anyone would be interested in that kind of crap, guitars with computer drums and bass, what a silly idea

1996 got my first synth, a yamaha dx21, recorded lots of stuff

1997 got my first software synth (IIRC it was vaz) a

got the MC505 the day it was released, moved to techno music only
went into sound engeinering school and sound design program, got my 2 diplomas,
got cubase (vst3.5 or something) and my 1st multi IO soundcard (dman 2044)

my first "studio" (anyway the first i have pics of)

Live set in 1998-99

still composed, produced for others, recorded others songs

1999 for a college band contest, we improvised a live pa band plus guitar bass and 3 vocalists, finished second
Cegep en spectacle 1999

summer 2000
after school was over i moved to the big city and met an old friend who needed a knob twiddler for live PA, so for a couple of years we reharsed and gigged as a 2, sometimes 3 person live PA act)

2002 went back to guitar playing with a band, recorded 2 albums myself, gigged with a computer as synth player and at the same time performing solo with just a laptop running reason and a few MIDI controllers and a small mixer
trashing on a guitar circa 2002-03

The "Studio" used to record the albums

My main (out of 2 and a half) pedal board at the time

2005 some hardware gig with the band stuff

Setup for a small corporate Gig with a violin player

The Studio in those days

2006 band broke up, ended up with piles and piles of gear in my appartement, started to pick all the good bits and started doing live pa with hardware again, started filming everything so i can remember what i did, and also went on a HUGE garage like sale everything not used and bought lot of gear
starting getting the HW out of storage

2007 moved to another city, started to oget freaky with racking and roadcasing everything, making it less of a PITA to dismantle the whole studio to go out on a gig, which was a HUGE loss of time (especially plugging back everything back home to be able to work again lol

corporate gig with the (mini) spaceship v 1.0

Outside gig for Quebec 400th birthday

2009 started making 2 hours plus live sets, tried to set a world record for longest 1 man live PA (my longest to date is 7 hours 40 minutes non stop) (abandonned that pretty quick when i was the rules and $ implied)

my rig as of last week

2011 european tour (lets hope)

2017 US tour (when i'm allowed to enter the country)

2049 total deafness

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rock et Belles Oreilles - I want to pogne M4M Live Remix 2010

c'est un premier essai, j'ai pas encore fait le drum nis les synth, juste trouvé les notes de bass, ca va botter des culs

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Vendre/For Sale

Fender Jaguar Custom Special HH noire avec hardware chrome, modèle discontinué, assez rare, a joué quelques fois seulement, une mini scratch sur le dos, plastique encore sur le pickguard: 900$

Ampli Fender Pro Junior a lampe, speaker 10 pouces, quelques scratch d'usage normal, tres bon son : 300$

Preamp a micros 8 entrées M-Audio Octane, a passé sa vie dans un rack dans un studio, tres peu utilisé: 400$

ampli a transistor traynor 4 entrées: 150$

micro sans fil a main audio technica: 200$

loop sampler redsound soundbite pro: 300$

pedales, fils, micros, autres guitares et basse informez vous 
contact via email tba03 at hotmail dot com


I Want to Pogne (RBO) Remix BETA 1 (1st test) +bonus track

nouveau setup, nouveau sampler (routing and tech specs dans un prochain video)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

96 records on a wall

javais une caisse ou 2 de vieux disques, pas de table tournante, alors voici de l'art