Monday, July 25, 2011

remix "contest" - Simulated Vacuum

the files are here
you can stream the song from here
or buy from iTunes
or even go as far as to buy a physical CD

someone asked me on youtube to have a go at remixing simulated vacuum, so i made those packs and thought, well, since they are online, why not share them with the community and see what sounds we can get from that :)

there is 3 packs, one is only the drum sound (cause i thought i had forgot to zip them with the logic session)

the MIDI plus sfx is a trimmed MIDI file ready to be imported in ableton live and the 2 stems are the "guitars" and the sfx/beep/solo (i won't even need the "guitar" in my live version, but it's there nonetheless

the Session pack is the Logic 9 session, audio files and all that is needed to open it for those among you using logic

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