Monday, February 08, 2010

Some questions i answered

on, that seemed pertinent
buckle up, longest post ever on this blog (that has an average word count per article of about 0,6)

How would your perfect synth be? (dooesn´t have to exist, no credit limit)

i'm not too picky with synths, more with sequencers but let's go with the synth first
i think clavia did it with the modulars but...

id wish they would do a v3, with dual touchscreens ports so the editor is built in and patches can be edited on the hardware itself, live, the other touchscreen being the lemur like control surface

but i wish something more, like the mc909 meets ableton live
talking here about something that could replace my whole rig for a tour but i'd still look as busy and everywhere as on the mothership, i figure such a device would be about wide as a 76 keys controler and about deep as a big PA or studio mixer

dedicated knobs + assignable knobs

touchscreens for the mixer and editors
(with built in odularizable synth and fx
step sequencer, loop recorder

actually make it live running on dedicated hardware with WAY more controls than the APC (i like the matrix, not nearly enough knobs and faders)

id go 24 faders wide (and 24 column matrix) with at least 4-5 assign knobs(either mixer functions or instruments1fx functions) per strip, plus 4-6 buttons for solo, mute/other

either a dedicated touchscreen with lemur like controls or dedicated, modular sets of physical knobs extention (maybe detachable knob/fader boxes using OSC or stuff so you can have dedicated everything for particular devices, and use the 5 assign knobs for other less tweak demanding synth/fx)

each button and fader with lcd displays of the functions

8 10 rows of matrix is probably enough at a time

also a 16 step sequencer with running lights to do quick alteration to drum patterns (with auto "zoom" to get 1/32nd or more precise), id go oled for the step sequencer, so the button displays the current step number (4, 4-1/32) and/or the sound its playing

touchscreen could be used to do kaoss like effects, multi touch control surface
pug in a display and usb key/mouse and use live on it as a DAW for pre prod of the live set/ studio work

anyway, im thinking too much, and unless i have millions for r&d, its a big pipe dream

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why only hardware?

because i owned it
at first it was mostly because i only had 1 computer, and playing live with it (reason+live) it wasn't performant enough to record audio and video+playing the set

i already owned a good bunch of the hardware from various projects, i just tore down unused pedalboards, live racks and studio racks to harvest all suitable hardware

i was also finding myself never completing anything in my DAW, hundreds of 8 bar loops in reason, unmixed/barebone rock compositions and stuff, working with a SUPER limited sequencer allowed me to complete tracks for once

if you could sign to any record label which one would you choose? Warp?

warp for sure, i dunno lots about labels, i've been doing my own thing a lot lately and not searched to get signed, but feel free to refer me :)

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ind├ępendance musicale ou faire des disques?

comem c'est la ind├ępendance musicale, et en 2010 faire des disques, on peut le faire independant et tout, masi la grosse compagnie c toujours tentant, mais des fois c castrant pas mal, moi perdre le droit de jammer sur youstream u de faire des liveset dune heure sur youtube ca me ferait chier un peu, jaime le instant feedback, pas 3 mois plus tard quand ils decident de sortir le disque/single

Have you tried live composition with other musicians? Something like FreeJazz4Machines?

id really like to try that, machinists or real musicians, would be fun, i just don't know anyone in quebc city that is into it, would you be?

BTW, stop being anonymous, im pretty sure you asked all those questions and id like to know you

Ever think about doing some remixes? which songs would you choose?

on the machines, and in the live set i already did some, tetris, smells like teen spirit, a child song called les legumes, music is the answer(cant remember the original artist OTOMH)

before that, in one of my DAW phases between 2 hardware phases, i did more, a few NIN, beck, mes aieux, iron butterfly, whole-lotta-love and a few more, cant remember (all available on my website)

for future remixes, i'd like to do a nice version of africa (toto), les sucettes (gainsbourg/france gall) and some classical music i'd really like to squeeze in 8 bar loops, and any suggestion is accepted

any chance you'll ever ditch all your machines for say.. ableton?

if i have to tour with no transport budget, yes, 1 apc20, 1 apc40, a kp3/kaossilator pro,a MBP and a good 8ins 8 outs soundcard (for the kaosses) but then, it wouldnt be really muzik 4 machines, i'd probably go as chrominance zero in that case or something else, but half of the show would be lost (the me jumping aroung reaching far away knobs and pedals) it's really a "think of it seriously" situation

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