Friday, October 14, 2011

A lot of clips this is

I was shocked when i accidentally pressed ctrl+a in session view, and i didn't yet record the er1 and nord clips...
gonna be a mess to manage, gonna get color coding things better than that

note that 8000 of the clips are just to have the lights on the APC going (right now it's only the record lights marking every beats and bars, but i plan on experimenting with like, having the name of the pattern scroll with the 8x5 grid, in red, so i can still know what is playing or not between the letters, but that will be a mega PITA to program for sure, I'll look into M4L repository to see if it can be done with less programming (maybe it wil be just too much MIDI data too))

i actually already changed the colors to have better separation, but i took the screenshot after an accident (it took the time of a whole cig of beachballing while it selected all the clips lol) when its done (meaning that i'll be to the same point i was on the electribe, because it's an ever evolving thing, patterns/songs and remixe/covers come and go) i'll do a complete "map" (that will be one high screenshot)

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