Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bar beats indicators on APC40

i made a pretty simple midi file actually for the led run, you need 8 tracks (ableton limitation that doesnt allow a track to output to all channels out)

lets say the note is c2 (its probably not but i dont have the manual here at work, but its a midi note)

you set the apc as a track out

on your 8 tracks you select the out to be the APC

track 1 channel 1, track 2 channel 2 etc

track 1 clip has a 1/16th c2 on every beat of bar 1 plus a 6 bar long c2 on bar 2 beat 1 and then again 4 times c2 on every beat in bar 8

track 2 has nothing in bar 1, 1/16th c2 on every beat in bar 2 and a 5 bar long c2 on bar 3 beat 1 then again, bar 8 is 4 beats

and so on

the long notes keep the light on after the bar played
and on bar 8 every light flash (its just to indicate me i'm at the end

as i built all the ableton set using 8 bars patterns its perfect for me (i do have a couple that wont be 8 bars but ill find a way probably using mutes and solo lights for these as i wont need to mute/solo parts in those already pre programmed songs)

as for the drum mutes, i simply MIDI assigned them as you'd do with any other controller (with the "remote" in and out set to on in the prefs

i have 1 drum column with the whole shebang on it, it feeds a midi rack with 9 dummy midi fx(i used pitch, but it doesnt matter, its just you cant have empty slots in midi racks like you can in audio racks)

so i made this rack which i key filtered every of the 11 notes used in my drum tracks and assigned the mutes of that rack to the clip stop buttons on the APC

im probably totally unclear, so just ask any questions you might have

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