Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New album coming, please comment

http://ge.tt/4kqEHmW (the whole album, see bottom of post for independant links)
mirror here if ge.tt blocks the files

Here are the UNMIXED (some not even structured) tracks of the new double album, please give me all feedback regarding composition and arrangement, keeping in mind that the mixing is not final and most of the automation/drum fills are still to do

i'm gonna rent a studio/control room for a couple of day next month to finalize the mixing (and depending on my budget, the mastering) so i need any/every possible advice, info on how it sounds, kicks too long, too boomy, hats volume and all, keep in mind tho it's not mixed, just overally balanced with headphones and computer speakers (with a sub, but still very low quality)

Music For Machines

A Live Rat
Are You a God
Make Me Dubby Wet
Make Me Wet Extended
Make Me Wet Radio Edit
Simulated Vacuum
Suburban Electric Tornado
Transistor Casino

(not really structured but i want advice on them too)

Monosyllabic Morphine Fantasy NO STRUCTURE

Music For Mammals

Organ Transplant
Richard de la Jungle
Mini-Maline Slow
No Children

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