Friday, January 25, 2008

Aux Gouvernements

direct from here

the new mix, other link includes hi and lo fi versions, the 2 original mixes (1995 and 1998) and a somewhat pitched down version of the new mix to bring it back to original speed as a 244 is NOT twice as fast, only 93%

Full album including 1995 mixes

This song was retrieved (or should I say salvaged) form a tascam 244 4 track master and transfered to Logic (2 track forward and 2 backwards) pitched up one octave (which, i learrnt, is too much, i needed 10 semitones and 42 cents) and re synchronized them (see album art) re amped the guitars, tuned the vocal, doubled the 707 drums with acoustic sounds, created a bass track from the clean guitar and cleaned up the structure a bit(removed the lame drum fills, deleted the whacky ugly solo)

I also tempted a restoration of the original 2 mixes which were on another cassette un played for 10 years so the sound had lost a lot of highs during the de noising process, and the 1998 mix missed almost all the left channel up until the solo, which I tried to fix in the mastering

Torrent from of Muzik 4 Machines

Aux Gouvernements 1995-1998-2008
song only

128 Kbps

260 Kbps VBR

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