Monday, October 29, 2007

Muzik 4 Machines - Custom Rash

his is a relatively old song, i picked up my bro camera and went for a walk, and the batteries died on me, so I was stuck with 4 minutes of footage.
I know I didnt use any amp as I had no amp unboxed (back in january), drums are probably addictive drums, but could have been programmed directly in Acid using a couple of samples, this session and all song from Back in Stock are lost and the master mix is a 256 Kbps MP3 (damn too big HD that crashes before backup(It was the backup drive that was ready for external site backup, didn't survive long enough))
bass was played and fuzzed to death
there seems to be a synth but it could really be the fuzz bass

get it here:
audio downlaod from my site streaming from my site

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